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About Us

The Universal Living Faith Network (ULFN) was born out of a desire to reach every household in the United States and abroad with the Gospel of Jesus for life transformation, family restoration and salvation of the soul. Our mission is that each viewer hears the Word of God and that through the work of the Holy Spirit, this Word will spark up inner strength, deliverance, peace, and direction in the mind and life of this person.


ULFN was made possible by the support of thousands of viewers of the Showdown of Faith program and the congregants of The Universal Church, a worldwide ministry that has reached over 100 countries in 6 continents, breaking barriers of languages and culture, uniting peoples from different walks of life through a sincere and practical faith in God’s Word. It is a non-denominational, Bible-based, non-stop ministry that is open 7 days a week in nearly all its locations.


The Universal Living Faith Network will bring to American households, words of encouragement, and positive content that will uplift and motivate its viewers. Since its purpose is to reach everyone from every walk of life, people with different backgrounds and stories, its content will also be diverse and innovative to include all viewers regardless of their religions and backgrounds.


The ULFN team is glad and thankful for your viewership and has pledged to make a positive impact on your life and family. Join us on this wonderful journey. If you desire to support this work, click on the following image for different ways you can donate.

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