Believers Under Attack

Believers Under Attack by David and Evelyn Higginbotham

Imagine a person who enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. The. neighborhood bullies come along and help themselves to his property. He whimpers and complains and then rearranges what he has left to make do. This thieving goes on for years, and all he does is watch his possession dwindle, and settles for the little he has. He even forgets what life used to be like because he’s become so complacent and learned to make do. In the end, he’s out on the street, and unhappily accepts that this is the life he was meant for. It’s a pitiful picture, but it’s a picture of ourselves when we know nothing about spiritual warfare.

The idea that believers can be vulnerable to demonic attack may seem unthinkable and shocking. Unthinkable in the sense that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ should never be under the control of the devil or demons. But the devil doesn’t play by the rules, and too many good-hearted Christians have not been taught, or have dismissed, the radical faith and life that Jesus introduced to the world two thousand years ago. This book is meant to be a wakeup call for believers to take back their rightful place as His children, through a real relationship with God, obedience, the use of their authority and a thinking faith.

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