Bulletproof Marriage

Bulletproof Marraige (book cover)

If you have been asking yourself: “Do I still love my husband/wife? Did I marry the wrong person? Why is my spouse so cold toward me? How can I be sure my marriage will last? Is my marriage always going to experience difficulties, or will I ever find happiness?”, take courage! In Bulletproof Marriage, Renato and Cristiane Cardoso will show you how to love intelligently and how to be happy with your spouse.

What would you do if you had to protect a great treasure? Would you keep those precious items in a simple cabinet, or would you entrust them all into the care of a bank with a secure vault? If the answer is obvious regarding material items, then it should be even more so when it comes to an even greater treasure: marriage.

As an object of attack, marriage needs to be properly protected. In Bulletproof Marriage, the authors provide guidance for those who recognize the value of married life and desire to protect it from the risk of divorce.

Renato and Cristiane Cardoso married in 1991. During the next twenty years, they lived in three countries and held lectures in over thirty, specializing in relationship counseling and marriage therapy. They moved to Brazil in 2011, where they conduct conferences on relationships and marriage and host a nationally acclaimed TV Program called The Love School – Escola do Amor.

This book is dedicated to all the couples who value their marriage enough to bulletproof it. And to those wise single people who know that it is better to prevent something than to have to heal it.

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