NKJV Holy Bible With Study Notes by Bishop Macedo

This is the limited edition NKJV Holy Bible with special commentary by Bishop Edir Macedo. You can study each book of the Bible with notes to aid your understanding.

In 2017 the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) celebrated 40 years since being founded. To celebrate this special date, a Holy Bible with notes of Faith by Bishop Edir Macedo was produced. With a luxurious finish, it stands out amongst others regarding its aesthetic detail.

You will receive this resource* as a thank you gift when you make a donation of $115 or more towards this ministry to help cover the regular expenses of the Universal Living Faith Network. Please provide your full mailing address and if you would like to receive the Holy Oil or the Blessed Water along with your book. Thank you for your support!

**The base donation amount includes $15 for the domestic shipping cost for a 2.25 lb. package. If requesting your gift Study Bible to be shipped internationally from the USA, please kindly add the additional shipping cost to the base donation of $115. You can calculate the shipping cost by visiting usps.com. Shipping costs may vary from approximately $30 to 40 dollars depending on the country.