Our Bread for 365 Days

Our Bread for 365 Days

Do you often feel lost, tired, overwhelmed, anxious and discouraged? Do you need strength and direction to continue your journey? Would you like to find the source of courage for the emotional stability you never had? You will find messages in this book that have changed the lives of millions around the world – solid food for your spirit.

When we buy a new appliance, we familiarize ourselves with the manufacturer’s manual. But when it comes to daily life, are you following the guidelines in your Maker’s manual?

Daily meditation on God’s Word enables you to know and understand the mind of your Creator, and put into practice the guidance that He has given you to have a life of quality.

Our Daily Bread for 365 Days provides a short message for each day of the year, with an explanation of a Bible passage to sustain the daily needs of your spirit, with the answers you need to have a year set apart from all the others. Practice the teachings contained in this book and your life will never be the same.

You will receive this resource* as a thank you gift when you make a donation of $35 or more towards this ministry to help cover the regular expenses of the Universal Living Faith Network. Please provide your full mailing address and if you would like to receive the Holy Oil or the Blessed Water along with your book. Thank you for your support!

*This resource is available to ship within the USA only.