Sin and Repentance

U-turn: about-face, reversal, change of heart, change of mind, one-eighty… the turning of a vehicle in a U-shaped course so as to face in the opposite direction.

Whether or not you’ve ever driven a car, I am sure you heard the expression U-turn. In fact, the term has become popular in everyday speech when referring to people who have made radical changes in their lives, to politicians who all of a sudden change their minds, or to companies that somehow manage to reverse their fortunes.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Sin and Repentance. Well… everything! The Bible says that those who sin will die, and that when a wicked man turns from his sins and does what is right before God, that he will surely live. What is that but a U-turn, a change of heart, a one-eighty?

This is exactly what this second book of The Character of God Series explains. It clarifies the origin and consequences of sin, and how a person can make a U-turn away from them… and live the complete life God promised in His Word.

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