The Gold and the Altar

“Do you know what it means to have the Spirit of the Most High God living inside of you? And did you know that this Spirit is not given by measure, but is poured out in abundance upon those who believe, just as it happened to the Lord Jesus when He came into this world? This is so wonderful that we can’t just limit ourselves to do His Work in a mediocre manner!”

This is just a glimpse of the revelations that are shared in this book with servants of the Most High. The message is an urgent call for today’s Church to reclaim God’s principles – among which are sincerity and care for the Altar. Each chapter is a warning for men and women not to become spiritually lost by disregarding God’s call.

Those who recognize the privilege and responsibility of serving the Almighty will certainly hear God’s call and strengthen their faith. I challenge you to read this book to find the strength in God that you need to rise up and start over in your spiritual life. And if you are well, you’ll grow even more in your journey of faith. You’ll never be the same again after reading this book!

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