The New Birth

The first thing Nicodemus did when he had the opportunity to be with the Lord Jesus was to acknowledge His authority and exalt Him. But to have intimacy with God, he still had a long way to go. This conversation between the Lord and a man with great knowledge of the Scriptures is the starting point for Bishop Macedo’s new book.

Though Nicodemus’ question seems naive and awkward—he was educated enough to know that you can’t enter your mother’s womb a second time—it’s of vital importance for Christian life.

In this book, you’ll understand what the new birth is, the steps towards it, and the results it brings to the lives of those who experience it. In the author’s unique, simple and straightforward manner, he helps us understand the Lord’s reply to that man, and then demonstrates though examples in the Bible that the new birth is possible.

Nicodemus was an expert in Jewish Law, which means that he knew the Word all too well. But the knowledge he had and the position he held were not enough for him to have a close relationship with the Lord and enter His Kingdom.

We hope that this book helps you grasp what the Lord was conveying to Nicodemus.

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