Gideon and the 300 – How God Achieves the Extraordinary Through Ordinary People

Gideon and the 300 (book cover)“Again, the Israelites forgot about the deliverance from the Lord and turned to what was evil. Consequently, the Lord withdrew His protection once again and they fell into the hands of their enemies. The seven years of oppression in the hands of the Midianites was so traumatic that Israel had to flee from the cities to the mountains in order to survive…

In talking to the Angel, Gideon manifested what God had in His heart – the revolt and indignation for the disaster the enemies had brought upon His people. That is why God came personally to him!

In Gideon’s mind, it did not make sense to believe in a God so powerful and yet live under the oppression of their enemies. How could they believe in an Almighty God and yet live on the verge of despair, oppression, and pain?” (Book excerpt)


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