The Ministry of the Holy Spirit


Book: The Ministry of the Holy SpiritThe importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit was reinforced by the work of the disciples after the Day of Pentecost. Yet the best and greatest example of this was left by the Lord Jesus Himself, who began His earthly ministry only after being sealed with the Holy Spirit.

This shows that the failures of many people today are merely reflecting the fact that they don’t prioritize what really matters: the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Reading this book could very well be a spiritual watershed moment, guiding your understand about the greatest privilege that a person ca have: the receiving of the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t yet know who the Holy Spirit is, what His role is, and what He desires for your life, don’t panic. This book will help you understand the reasons why He was sent to us.

Embarking on this journey will certainly be worth it.

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