Nothing to Lose 3

Nothing to Lose 3 book coverThe final edition of a journey of surrender and persistence, with memories and unpublished photos made public by the founder of one of the greatest movements of faith in modern times.

Touching stories from a man who overcame every type of adversity to help millions of people in the most remote parts of the planet. How could a Brazilian preacher of humble beginnings start an outreach at a park bandstand in Rio de Janeiro and, 43 years later, be the leader of a church spread over 100 countries? How were barriers broken down? How were the limitations of ethnicity, culture and language overcome?

The answer to these and other questions are given in the last book of Edir Macedo’s memoirs. With touching disclosures, he opens the doors of his home and speaks about his precious treasure: family. He reveals the secrets to his marriage and recalls personal moments of love and faithfulness. He explains how Ester, his wife, was transformed into the support that enabled him to endure every phase of the agony he has gone through.

Learn the behind-the-scenes moments of the inauguration of the Temple of Solomon in the words of the one who envisioned its construction.

Lessons in trust. Victory over defeatism. Dreams transformed into reality.

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