How to Watch LFN

You and your loved ones can watch our 24-hour inspirational programming through the following providers: Direct TV (CH 379), Verizon FiOS (CH 795), Frontier (CH 226 & CH 726) and Charter (CH 472 & CH 496). Very soon we will also have live streaming through our website and future mobile apps.


  • It was amazing to see the testimonies that were given yesterday and how much the ministry has grown ( vai ARREBENTAR)

  • I was watching it on the website but now it says coming soon. It’s great content and non stop blessings.

    • Dear Katrina, thank you for watching ULFN. We are working on having 24-hour live stream and ULFN videos on our website and future app, coming soon.

  • I have been watching the show every morning and I will be sowing my seed

  • Could you please pray for my children & grandchildren. Tony is my son and Shelley is my daughter. They are both needing miracles in their lifes.

    • Dear Sharlene, we will pray for your family, children and grandchildren. Please feel free to call our helpline number to speak with a pastor for guidance: 1-888-332-4141

  • Hi good evening just want to thank God for opening so much ways to get the help that we are looking for bless you guys always

  • Very, very interesting!

    Arnold Skelton

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