How to Watch ULFN Live Using Roku Devices


You will need a Roku TV or a Roku player, high-speed internet access, and a Roku free account. Please visit this link for more information:


Step 1

While logged in to your Roku account, please add ULFN to your list of channels by visiting this link:

Step 2 (If not done previously)

Connect your Roku device to your Roku account by clicking on the “Activate a Device” tab.

You will find your device link code under the settings of your Roku TV or Roku player.

Step 3

On your Roku’s Home on your TV, select the ULFN channel on your list of channels and open it.

Select “Watch Now” and “Watch Live” or “Start Watching” to view the ULFN 24-hour stream.

Step 4 (Optional)

Register or Log In to your Library within our ULFN channel on Roku by selecting the Library tab and then the Register or Log In tab.

You may also choose to log in by using an activation code provided on our ULFN channel and typing it on the page provided on this link:

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