Save a Prisoner

Many are those who are incarcerated, in chains, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Many inmates have life sentences and will never leave the prison walls due to their past. However, there is a weapon of faith capable of transforming even the most lost case among prisoners, granting them a freedom that goes beyond the prison cells and bars. The freedom that only the Word of God brings.

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

The Universal Church and Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) committed to distributing high-quality annotated Holy Bibles to prisoners. This Bible will provide the spiritual aid they need to have a complete inner transformation. This mission will send to them nothing less than what we would want for ourselves, represented in the quality and durability of this Holy Bible.

Bishop Joshua made this challenge with the viewers of the Showdown of Faith, as they sow their seed of $113 based on Psalm 113, and help to save a prisoner, they too will be rescued by God’s power from the situations that have held them captive.

If you want to sow your seed and save a prisoner you may submit the form below or call this number 1-888-691-2291.

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