Ways You Can Reach Out to Us for Spiritual Help

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, family problems, financial problems. There are three ways that you can reach out to us if you need spiritual help.

Call us: 1-888-332-4141

You are more than welcomed to call us. We are available 24hrs a day.

Send us a text: 1-888-312-4141

If you are in a situation where you are not able to give us a call. You can send us a text.

Online Pastor

Online Pastor is a new way that you can reach out to us. You are now able to speak to a pastor for counseling or prayer through an Online Pastor.

Submit Your Prayer Request

You are also welcome to stop by one of our locations to receive one-on-one counseling. The Universal Church is open seven days a week (Including holidays). We are located all over the country. Stop by one of our locations to receive spiritual help.  

ATTENTION: In case of emergency, please pick up your phone and dial 9-1-1 if in the USA or call for your local emergency assistance if in other countries.

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