Important ULFN Listing Announcement

ULFN Listing Announcement

ATTENTION ALL VIEWERS: We have an important announcement regarding changes to how you can access our daily broadcasts.

Our programming will no longer be available on the following cable providers according to these dates:

Our broadcasts will end on Comcast Northeast on May 8th,
On Verizon Fios on May 8th,
And on DirectTV on June 7th.

We apologize for the inconvenience. As an alternative, our programming will be available on open TV / antenna TV in these following cities:

New York, channel 42.2
Houston TX, channel 28.1
Dallas TX, channel 28.1
Chicago IL, channel 24.2
Atlanta GA, channel 21.2
Milwaukee,WI, channel 38.3
Las Vegas, NV, channel 19.2
New Orleans, LA, channel 22.2
Orlando FL, channel 50.1
And Cleveland OH, channel 28.1

ULFN also has a 24-hour Livestream channel through both our website ULFN.ORG and our app ULFN. These platforms provide access to our live content.

We thank you for your continued support, and encourage you to tune in to ULFN.ORG or download our app.