the Universal Church - Virtual Church – a church community with spiritual support for those without a physical church in their area or who are unable to physically attend a church
icons including the official icon of The Universal Church (the heart with the dove inside) icons of book, newspaper, electronic blog posts, headphones for audios and icon of a pastor on a computer screen representing online prayer services

• Online Chain of Prayer meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
• Audio messages of faith
• Access to exclusive videos to build your faith
• Mailings to your home of weekly Universal News publications
• Full access to all content on the ULFN website and apps

icons for Lord's Supper, House Prayer Visit, phone calls, text messages, Chats and letters

• Mailing of the Lord's Supper to your home
• Ongoing pastoral counseling via phone or video chat
• Receive a book of faith and the Blessed Water monthly
• Request a pastor to visit and make a prayer for your household


• Be a resident of the United States or Canada

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Be unable to attend meetings at The Universal Church

• Desire a life transformation and spiritual growth through faith in the Word of God

• Be committed to the Chains of Prayer and attentive to the Bible-based guidance given

• For weekly mailings only: a monthly donation pledge towards this new outreach of the ministry, helping with the expenses of mailings and online platform and supporting the opening of more locations. ALL Virtual Church special Saturday meeting attendees receive the Lord's Supper once a month by mail

• Optional no-mailings participation for those unable to contribute towards expenses, reading materials, shipping and handling. This option does not include full access to ULFN sponsors-only on-demand content. ALL Virtual Church special Saturday meeting attendees receive the Lord's Supper once a month by mail.

• Please apply below, and you will receive updates and instructions via phone call, text message, and email.