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On Sunday, March 21st at midnight, The Universal Church worldwide began the Fast of Daniel, which are 21 days dedicated to pleasing the Holy Spirit, disconnecting from media and entertainment, and connecting with the Word of God.

Bishop Macedo announced this special fasting of worldly things and explained its importance:

The Fast of Daniel is for people who want to have their faith renewed. And, it is also for those who have not yet received the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It is for them to dive into the waters of the Holy Spirit so they can be filled with the Spirit of God. It is not a fast of food or drink; it is a fast of secular information. You will immerse your thoughts in the thoughts of God, which is His Word.”

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.” (John 7:37)

If you want to strengthen your faith or perhaps you heard about the Lord Jesus all your life but have not known Him personally, take part in this purpose and have an encounter with God.

21 Days to Edify Your Faith

The Fast of Daniel is based on chapter 10 of the book of Daniel from the Bible. For 21 days, Daniel decided to fast to see favor, wisdom, and understanding from God. 

For 21 days, we will avoid secular information, sports, and any kind of secular entertainment. During this period of fasting, we will meditate in the Word of God daily and involve ourselves with content that helps and edify our faith.

Until April 11th, those who take part in the Fast of Daniel will read and meditate in the Bible, watch Bible-based content such as found in the Universal Living Faith Network, read books of faith, read our daily blogs, listen to the Universal Online Radio, and attend as many services as possible at The Universal Church near you. For those who live far from the church and are unable to commute to church, you may join our Virtual Church and take part in meetings online and via Zoom. For more information, please click on the banner below.

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