How to Do the Fast of Daniel

Fast of Daniel December 2022

On Sunday, December 11th, we began the Fast of Daniel, which will end on the New Year’s Night Vigil. This 21-day fasting from entertainment and social media is to start 2023 filled with God’s Spirit and His thoughts.

The goal is to focus more on building a closer relationship and communion with God and His Word and less time with the distractions of today’s world. It is to spend more time with God, with family, and caring for one’s spiritual and physical health.

What Is the Fast of Daniel?

It is a purpose for those who desire a closer relationship with God. It is based on the Book of Daniel, chapter 11. For three weeks, Daniel fasted to have more communion with God and to find favor, wisdom, and understanding. He did not eat certain foods that pleased him. The Fast of Daniel, however, is not a fast of foods but of distractions and things or situations that bring entertainment or pleasure.

Why Do the Fast of Daniel?

It is a way of showing God with actions that He is the first in our lives. For 21 days, we will fast from the pleasures and entertainment that occupy our thoughts and distract us from Him.

What Is the Objective?

The primary purpose of this fast is to receive the Holy Spirit. During 21 days, we avoid the pleasures of this world in order to seek Him wholeheartedly. The Fast of Daniel is an opportunity for anyone to begin a new life, regardless of religion or background.

The Fast of Daniel Step by Step

For 21 days, we will abstain from secular entertainment, secular music, and secular news or information. As Daniel did not eat from the delicacies, we will avoid consuming what secular television, the internet, and social media have to offer, content that brings pleasure to the flesh.

During the 21 days, we will pray more, meditate on the Bible more, and watch Christian content that benefits our faith and feeds our spirit.

Avoid social media. Those who work with the internet, news, and social media, may connect to perform their work and avoid it in their free time. But have your mind always connected to the Holy Spirit.

What Should I Watch During This Time?

Those participating in the Fast of Daniel may watch videos that strengthen their faith and help them draw near God. Select movies, documentaries, and videos that have a message of faith based on God’s Word and that allow you to maintain the focus on receiving the Holy Spirit.

However, be careful to spend only some of your time watching these videos. The goal of this fast is for you to build a stronger relationship with God, abandon the old life and behaviors that displease Him, and be sincere in prayer.

What Should I Eat?

Although this Fast of Daniel is not from food but entertainment, you may also fast from some foods that please you or decide to eat more healthy foods. Decide to eat healthier portions and drink more water instead of sugary sodas.

A Time of Sanctification

The prevailing mentality today has been to drift away from God and the principles shared in His Word. The Fast of Daniel goes against this current and helps the person return to being in the image and likeness of God. A resemblance from which sin robbed humanity (Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 3).

The Fast of Daniel will end at the turn of the year. We will enter 2023 in God’s presence seeking the Holy Spirit. Contact us at 1-888-332-4141 for more information, or visit one of our locations and speak with a pastor.

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