How to View ULFN Through Our Android App

You will need high-speed mobile data or a good WiFi signal.

Step 1

Open the Google Play Store app on your device.

Step 2

Search for ULFN.

Step 3

Tap to install the ULFN app of the Living Faith Network.

Step 4

You do not need to log in to view our live stream and public content. Just tap on the public content you wish to view.

Step 5

For the ability to download for offline view, watch history, creating playlists and receiving notifications, please register by taping on any of the top sliding banners or by going to the menu and selecting “Settings” and “Login / Register”

Step 6

Manage stream settings by going to the menu and selecting “Settings” and “Stream – Managing Streaming Settings” and select or deselect “Always Play Best Resolution” according to what works best for your device and internet speed. Lower resolution and lower quality may play better in smaller devices with limited internet.

Thank you for being a viewer of the Living Faith Network!

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