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  • Why oh why did you take the Promised Land and Geneis……..we need them back on Verizon Fios…….why did you stop broadcasting these shows….it is not fair to the people who loved them so.

    • Dear Diane Lindenberger, Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, LFN will no longer be on cable TV providers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. For assistance on different ways to view the LFN channel, please feel free to reach out to 18886912291 or send us a direct message at

  • Eastern time Verizon still has the time for ten commandments(The promised land) for 8pm instead of 7 pm est. And does not have Genesis in the guide at all fyi

  • I Love ULFN!!!! I have been so excited to come home and watch this station!!
    God Bless You! The world needs to know about you!! I have the App and have been spreading the word in Michigan ❤️🙏🏻

  • Immediately following tonight’s episode of Promise Land there was a promo for “Genesis ” and
    it said airing on LFN. Where can I find that?
    Thank you..

    • Dear Viewer, Thank you for reaching out. The starting date and time of the Genesis TV Series is yet to be determined.

  • What year was this filmed

    • Dear Veda, Thank you for reaching out. The Promised Land was released in 2016, the Rich Man and Lazarus was released in 2017, the Jesus TV Series in 2018.

  • Things are slowly evolving. So, bear with them. I printed out the schedule last week Tuesday and again this Tuesday because it changed, and still things change again. However, it is changing in a good way like the Promised Land back to 8PM. The ones I cannot keep up is with is the TV Channel schedule. That is way off. Also, they are shortchanging Jesus TV series. But I think over time it will work out. Tt is 8AM. There need to be one later in the day. Ministries of Jesus can be discontinued, because it is short, and not as interesting. Too much violence. I watch The Rich and Lazarus for the first time Wednesday. It has 181 episodes. That one sent me back to my Bible to do some research. I thought that was just a footnote in the Bible.

  • Ok K I have the new schedule, but… It’s not correct, the promise kand is not on as your schedule states???
    What’s going on!! Your channel has had issues in the past, so I watch on line but now that’s not working either.. from NJ God bless you!

    • Dear Jyanita,

      Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

      The schedule of the Promised Land had changed, but it has now returned back to its evening airing time.

      For the current schedule, please visit:

  • Hello. I tried to follow the new schedule posted for the promised land but it does not match with what is shown on the tv schedule. When it says Ten Commandments the right angle show is on instead. This has happened all week. I am afraid I missed 3 episodes. Please help. Thank you kindly

    • Dear Lisa Schofer,

      Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

      We are in the process of updating the information for the TV guide.

      For the current schedule including most recent updates, please visit:

  • What happen to the Ruku channel of week days nights at 8 PM?

  • I have been truly enjoying the series Promise Land, why was it removed from UFN? Will it come back on again?

    • Dear Dorothy Palmer, thank you for reaching out. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. The Promised Land has a new schedule now, with one more showing during weekdays. For the updated schedule, please visit:

  • We have been watching Ten Commandments which is actually Promised Land station. And we’re not getting Promised Land anymore. Why did you take it off?

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