ULFN Daily schedule


12 AM CT – At the Edge Of Death

1 AM – Impossible Cases

2 AM – Overcoming Depression

2:30 AM – Speak Out, I’m All Ears

3 AM – Stop Suffering

4 AM – At the Edge Of Death

4:30 AM – Impossible Cases

5 AM – Boost of Faith

6 AM – The Promised Land TV Series

7 AM – Showdown of Faith

8 AM – Overcoming Depression

9 AM – The Last Hit

10 AM – Problems and Solutions

11 AM – Rebuilding Families

12 PM – Miracles Exist

1 PM – Let There Be Light

2 PM – Women in Real Time

3 PM – Stop Suffering

4 PM – At the Edge of Death

5 PM – Impossible Cases

6 PM – The Unseen Enemy

7 PM – The Promised Land TV Series

8 PM – The Last Hit

9 PM – King David TV Miniseries

10 PM – Showdown of Faith

11 PM – Let There Be Light


12 AM CT – Overcoming Depression

1 AM – The Right Angle

2 AM – Boost of Faith

3 AM – At the Edge of Death

4 AM – Stop Suffering

5 AM – Overcoming Depression

6 AM – The Unseen Enemy

7 AM – At the Edge of Death

8 AM – TUC Virtual Church

10 AM – Boost of Faith

11 AM – Miracles Exist

1 PM – The Last Hit


3 PM – The Right Angle

4 PM – The Promised Land TV Series (Weekly Rerun)

6 PM – The Love School

7 PM – Showdown of Faith

8 PM – Sunday Service Rerun

10 PM – Miracles Exist

11 PM – Problems and Solutions


12 AM CT – Let There Be Light

1 AM – Overcoming Depression

2 AM – Boost of Faith

3 AM – Miracles Exist

4 AM – Speak Out, I’m All Ears

4:30 AM – Universal Beyond Bars

5 AM – Showdown of Faith

6 AM – The Unseen Enemy

7 AM – Encounter With God

9 AM – Sunday Service From Brooklyn, NY

11 AM – Let There Be Light

12 PM – Rebuilding Families

1 PM – At the Edge of Death

2 PM – Miracles Exist

3 PM – The Promised Land (Weekly Rerun)

5 PM – Sunday Service from London, UK

6 PM – Between the Lines

7 PM – Stop Suffering

8 PM – Ask the Pastor

9 PM – Showdown of Faith

10 PM – The Unseen Enemy

11 PM – At the Edge of Death


  • I truly love watching this video shot the promise land i love the power of God my father it strengthens my faith i wish all the show s on tv was from the great book of or father in haven

  • Dear ULFN I have not seen King David anywhere at anytime on your network. I have Directv and at 10pm EST we have “Impossible Cases with Bishop Meneses.
    Hopefully this will get cleared up. I saw the commercials about the miniseries King David and we are anxious to see it hoping it will be as good as Moses and the Ten Commandments and The Promise Land.
    Thank you for your time
    Blessings to you all.

    • Dear Rob,
      Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, the TV guide is incorrect. King David airs on weeknights at 9 PM CT / 10 PM ET our channel 379 on Direct TV.

  • Thank you for the mini soap opera series. I began reading my bible to see how closely you were following the written word and to my surprise it is extonishingly close. If I miss a show I can go to the bible and read main events. Of course your writers have filled in time lapse with life experiences which could be more relevant than we’ll ever know but the truth of the events are spot on, many times word for word. I have been telling my friends and family about your shows and encouraging them to watch. I too, wish that I could purchase these series but either way, I will continue watching. Thanks again and may God bless us all.

  • Hello ULFN
    My wife and I have been watching ULFN for some time, and we have seen how much it has blessed us, besides the Bible’s mini-series.
    They are just awesome in English, May God bless you and provide for ULFN to do more, they are a blessing in lives.

  • Thank you for showing these bible mini series, because they’re like a soap opera they go into much more details than is possible in a movie – I only wish that you were able to offer the sale of the DVDs to us so that we can play them for family & friends during the holiday gatherings

  • I am in Eastern time zone and watch you on Direct TV. The listing at 10 pm does not say The King David series. Will this series be on Direct TV? Your biblical series are great and I appreciate your actors that bring the stories to life. Blessings in the new year.

  • Thank you, for the opportunity to enjoy this Network.
    The programs are so inspiring. I wait in anticipation of the next episodes. God forever bless you in sharing the words of change by faith in Jesus Love for all humanity.

  • Please don’t ever stop showing those Bible story, they are medicine to my soul. I pray that other network would products bibical story.

  • I have loved all of the series that have been on your network..They have inspired me to study the Word more..Please keep them coming and watch all the time.The Jesus series .was wonderful..

  • I thank my God for you all playing those miniseries on TV. When you get older things changes. But I know that God’s word will never change. Again I thank ULFN for running those programs. It gives me something to look forward to. I THANK MY GOD FOR YOU ALL DOING THAT PLEASE DON’TEVER STOP!!! It gives us older people something to look forward to.

    Thank You so much.
    Patricia G.

  • Hello, I just wanted to know what next since Jesus series is over, Me and my husband love the Bible series.

    • Dear Nellie Black, thank you for reaching out. On January 9th at 9 PM CT / 10 PM ET, the miniseries King David will premiere.

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