Showdown of Faith- Less Talk and More Power

The Showdown of Faith is a show of less talk and more power. Hosted by Bishop Joshua, the program guides viewers to use their faith to overcome their problems. Words of encouragement and testimonies of people transformed by the power of God are displayed on the show every day. The Showdown of Faith has impacted the lives of thousands of viewers worldwide through words and prayers of faith. The hosts place the names of callers in the Holy Oil. A helpline team formed of men and women filled with the Holy Spirit is ready to assist callers in need of help.

Testimony #1

Liz at the Universal Church in Texas

“My Son Was Diagnosed With Ten Holes in His Chest”
I was a very sad and empty person. I didn’t know why I felt alone, but the main reason I came to the Lord Jesus first was that my youngest son was born with a rare disease. After going to specialists, they discovered that he had ten holes in his chest and would become one big hole. This happened as soon as he was born. I was told he wasn’t going to live past 5 years old. I was devastated as a mother. The same night, I watched the TV program of The Universal Church. I came and did the Chain of Prayer, and my son was healed in less than a month. Now we are all happy.”

Petra and her husband Anthony were both diagnosed with cancer. Petra’s mother was diagnosed with the disease a year before Petra was.

“The doctor diagnosed me with stage 3 and 4 cancer in my liver and in my stomach. I drank the blessed water by faith for my healing and God has indeed healed me, completely. When I went for my last check up the doctor said I was very healthy”, said Petra.

Petra and Anthony at the Day of Prophecy

Testimony #2

“I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I didn’t accept the situation and I drank the Blessed Water everyday, by faith. My wife wouldn’t let me miss a day without drinking the Blessed water. When I went to see the doctor, he asked me why I am coming there because nothing is wrong with me anymore, I didn’t have cancer anymore. I am totally healed”, Anthony said.

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