Last Day of the Fast of Daniel With Prayer From Jerusalem

Fast of Daniel - The Fast Determined by God

Sunday, September 18th, will be the last day of the 21-Day Fast of Daniel for the Holy Spirit. A special prayer will be conducted from the Cenacle in Jerusalem, where on the day of Pentecost, the 120 received the Holy Spirit after the Lord Jesus was resurrected and ascended to Heaven.

This Sunday at 9 am, at every location of The Universal Church and Live broadcast through the Universal Living Faith Network, will take place the Lord Supper of Sincerity.

Bishops and pastors will be crying out on the Holy Land for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the lives of those who sincerely seek repentance.

It will also be the 3rd of five Sundays against the Goliath, the impossible case that has afflicted your life.

Sunday, September 18th at 9 am, at every location of The Universal Church and broadcasted Live at 9 am CT / 10 am ET on the Universal Living Faith Network.

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