How to View ULFN Through Roku


You will need a Roku TV or a Roku player, high-speed internet access, and a Roku free account. Please visit this link for more information:


Step 1

While logged in to your Roku account, please add ULFN to your list of channels by visiting this link:

Step 2

Connect your Roku device to your Roku account by clicking on the “Activate a Device” tab.

You will find your device link code under the settings of your Roku TV or Roku player.

Step 3

Open the ULFN channel on your TV and click on the “ULFN Stream – Roku” tab.

Thank you for being a viewer of the Living Faith Network!


  • i am unable to sign in to watch past episodes of Joshua, it asks for email and password, a few days ago i was able never asked for email etc, since i forgot my password i am unable to create new password from link you sent me, your page cuts off where I’m using new password to create no second line to confirm new password, note a large black paragraph blocks that has your support etc blocks me from entering a new password. I need this fixed. Thanks Katherine Woodard

    • Dear Katherine, thank you for reaching out and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will help you to solve this matter.

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