The Love Walk 2022

The Love Walk

A Special Event for Couples and Singles on Saturday, October 29th at 2 PM

For Couples:

Over time, routines can become a burden for couples and cause their relationship to start breaking down so that laughter, understanding, and conversation become rare. Sadly, many married men and women feel it’s never the right time to open up to the people they love, either because they lack the time or because they’re afraid of their spouse’s reaction.

The Love Walk was created to help couples improve their relationship through healthy and effective conversation, and learn to fulfill their partners needs even better.

The Love Walk is an opportunity to invest in your marriage in an intelligent manner!

For Singles:

The Love Walk was created to help you get to know someone you’re interested in, or to prepare for that moment. The initial phase of a relationship is the best time to discover more about each other and to judge whether you have the same goals. If not, you will be unable to walk in the same direction.

With the advance of technology and the rise of social media, few people have good interpersonal skills in real life outside of the internet. The Walk encourages healthy conversations about important subjects so that people who are single, dating or engaged, can discover things about others and themselves, and make smart decisions about their love life.

The Love Walk is an opportunity to invest in a lasting and healthy relationship!

The Love Walk will take place nationwide. Participation is free.

To purchase the Love Walk kit, please visit one of our locations. For more information, please call 18883324141.

Please share your input, questions, pictures, and videos on our event’s discussion page on Facebook. We love to hear from you!

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