Sunday of the Last Chance

Sunday of the Last Chance

Starting afresh after so many failed attempts can be daunting, whether it is uniting your family again, restoring the trust in your relationship, finding internal peace, or breaking free from a bad habit.

However, being hard on yourself and looking back on the past is common but causes one to inflict pain on themselves, making it harder for anyone to start afresh.

But what if you had one last chance to turn things around? What do you wish you had one more chance to get right?

• Restore your marriage

• Excel in your studies

• Win your family back

• Do better this time

• Realize your dream

• Beat an addiction

• Win back your family’s trust

• Start over

• Be a better partner

• A better parent

• A better daughter/son

Regardles of your past, we believe your future can be blessed and happy. Everyone deserves a second chance to turn their lives around.

Read Fernando’s story on how he grabbed his last chance at turning his life around:

“When I thought I was already at rock bottom with two tumors, I could not take the pressure, had psychiatric problems, and went through hospitalizations. I lived on prescription drugs. Without the meds, I would go crazy and want to break the whole house down. A clinical report stated that I was a risk to society. Eventually, I became physically disabled. I could not support my leg on this side, and after being bedridden for six months, I had cartilage problems and leg thinning. I thought about suicide every day. Upon receiving an inviation to The Universal Church, I said, ‘I’m going because it’s my last door.’ There, I received strong deliverance prayers, and the pastors and assistants followed up with me closely. The thoughts of giving up the fight left me. I was set free from addictions and had my health fully restored. The blood pressure and heart returned to normal. I expelled the kidney stone, the psychiatric problems disappeared, and I could stop the medication. Even the leg recovered. Through my faith, the head tumor was gone. Today, I have a healthy mind, and I live a good life. I am an athlete, I practice martial arts. My marriage was restored, we live in harmony, and we seek God as a family.”

Sunday, June 19th at 10 am, we will have the Sunday of the Last Chance for you that says, “I need one more chance to get things right.” We will guide you with practical teachings from the Word of God and effective prayers.

This meeting will take place in every location of The Universal Church.

If things haven’t gone your way in the first half of the year, make sure you get the chance to make amends in the remaining six months by joining us for the Sunday of the Last Chance.

Call us for more information at 1-888-332-4141. Or text us at 1-888-312-4141. Or send us a message by clicking on this link: Contact Us

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