The Miracles of Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus TV Series is a compilation of Biblically-inspired stories that focus on each person that received a miracle in the Gospels. The viewer takes a deeper look into the life stories of each person mentioned in the Bible that experienced a miracle from Jesus. Fictional plots are drawn for each character and are packed with inspiring Biblical teachings and valuable life lessons.

Each episode seeks to teach love, hope, courage, and perseverance.
The first season has 18 episodes that portray some of the most well-known miracles of Jesus, such as:

  • The Marvelous Fishing
  • The Hunchback Woman
  • The Leper of Ginosar
  • The Cure of the Dry Hand
  • The Possessed Of Gerasa
  • The Cure Of The Centurion’s Servant
  • The Impure Woman
  • The Handicapped of Bethesda’s Tank
  • The Hydropic Man
  • The Daughter of Jairus
  • The Cure of the Deaf from Decapolis
  • The Cure of the Born Blind
  • The Resurrection of the Widow’s Son
  • The Blind from Jericho
  • The Cure of the Paralytic from Capernaum
  • The Cure of the Possessed Boy
  • The Ten Lepers
  • Miracles in Ginosar
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The series’ second season brings 17 new and moving stories of ordinary people who experienced the extraordinary:

  • The King’s Officer’s Son
  • The Anointing of Jesus’ Feet
  • Miracles at the Seashore
  • The Blind and Mute Man
  • The Canaanite Woman
  • The Blind Man of Bethsaida
  • The Publican and the Rich Young Ruler
  • Feeding the Multitude
  • The Samaritan Woman
  • The Possessed Man of Capernaum
  • The Adulterous Woman
  • Lazarus’ Resurrection
  • The Healing of the High Priest’s Servant
  • Barabbas
  • The Two Thieves
  • The Crucifixion

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(Source: Record TV / Adapted text)

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