His Life as You Have Never Seen

Jesus TV Series Premieres April 5th

Record TV’s fifth Bible-based series is an epic production that has inspired audiences around the world, which portrays the life and journey of Jesus and His disciples in a brand new light.

With a talented cast and crew, the series takes viewers back in time to experience the daily lives of Jews, Romans, and other peoples in ancient Judea and Samaria who interacted with the Savior in some way.

What was it like for Jesus as He grew up in Nazareth? What struggles did He face? What was His relationship with the Father like? What were the disciples like before and after they knew Him? What about Mary and Joseph? What challenges did they go through? And what was it like for the Early Church as well?

These questions and many more inspired the subplots that created this massive production. Biblical truths and teachings shine through the harsh reality of daily life in first-century Palestine, and they permeate every aspect of this series.

Prepare yourself to see Jesus and His teachings from a new, comprehensive perspective as you’ve never seen before.

The Jesus TV Series airs on Saturdays at 7 AM Central Time / 8 AM Eastern Time on LFN. Share it with your family and friends. Help us spread the word by sharing on your social networks and using the hashtag #JESUSONULFN


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