Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses and the Ten Commandments is the first Brazilian drama series based on Biblical stories. Record’s TV epic production retells one of the most well-known passages of the Bible: Moses’ journey from his birth until reaching the Promised Land, his crossing the desert and encountering God on Mount Sinai.

The series is a fictional adaptation based on the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, embodying more than one hundred years of history. In addition to its historical details, the series will reveal through the life of its characters the many conflicts people faced during that time and until today.

Viewers can relate, be inspired, surprised, intrigued, and above all, have their faith renewed.

Moses and the Ten Commandments will broadcast again exclusively on ULFN starting on Monday, August 21st at 6 PM CT / 7 PM ET. It will air Monday to Friday at 6 PM CT / 7 PM ET and 5 AM CT / 6 AM ET, Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM CT/ 4 PM ET, and Sundays at 5 AM CT / 6 AM ET.

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  • Something bothers me a lot, people released a very good series that brought people closer to God, Moses and the ten commandments, Esther the story of David but it’s not accessible. People want to buy and watch it over and over again but they cannot find it. I ask myself why or what was

  • Please put on dvd the series “Moses and the 10 Commandments “. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m so sad I cannot see it anymore.

    • Dear Lucille Miller, thank you for reaching out. The Moses and the Ten Commandments TV Series airs Monday to Friday at 6 PM CT / 7 PM ET, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM CT / 4 PM ET.

  • Since I live in Kentucky Unfortunately I no longer can get a station to watch The Ten Commandments or any of the other Bible movies. I learned so much by watching these series and hope you could please bring it back to my TVStation.This has truly made my faith and love for God stronger. I thank you for the opportunity to see theses series.

    • Dear JoAnn Clark, Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, LFN will no longer be on cable TV providers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. For assistance on different ways to view the LFN channel, please feel free to reach out to 18886912291 or send us a direct message at

  • Yes, please restart and replay… I didn’t get to see the beginning of the Ten Commandments. Only caught the middle of the series. This series is awesome. I really appreciate it. Also, is there a way I can record incase I missed the scheduled time?

  • Please air Moses and the 10 Commandments again! Our family also missed it!

  • Can it be purchased on DVD

    • Dear Debbie, Thank you for reaching out. At the moment, we are not aware of an official DVD of the complete series dubbed in English.

  • Really enjoy the series when will the promised land come back on.

  • I am looking for The promised land a continuation of Moses and the Ten Commandments. I am on direct tv 379 channel. I s it still on the network?

  • I have truly enjoyed watching Moses & The Promised Land! When will the Promised Land Return?

  • I didn’t get to see the beginning of the Ten Commandments. Only when Moses wife died. This series is awesome. I really appreciate it. It does make it more easier to understand when you watch it. This is helping alot if people to understand the Bible better. What will be the next series? Awesome job. Thanks again! God bless you and your ministry.

    • Dear Brenda, thank you for sharing your experience. Currently, ULFN is broadcasting King David on weekdays at 9 PM CT. Coming soon, we will have the Rich and Lazarus. More information and premiere date will be announced soon.

  • Will you ever repeat the series Moses and The Ten Commands

    • Dear Mary Ann, thank you for reaching out. At the moment, we do not have information on this matter. Please stay connected, as we regularly send emails and notifications to our viewers that are registered about upcoming videos.

  • Can you purchase the series of mosed and the 10 commandmentss

    • Dear Estelle Fonville, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, currently, the TV series Moses and the Ten Commandments is not available for sale.

  • I agree with Wadehah100%that I enjoy watching immensely (Moses and The Ten Commandments) and The Promised Land. It gives me so much insight into the actual times of when these events really took place. Watching The Books of The Bible of The Old Testament , makes the stories come alive to me, more than reading them, ( maybe cause The Bible is so hard to interpret being that it was written so many thousands of years ago),I hope in the future , ULFN , will do more Series, like a series on Kings in The Bible, King Solomon, King David, and so forth, also a series on the prophets and all the books of The Old Testament in The Bible, This way I can understand all The Old Testament Books of The Bible, since it only comes alive to me thru watching rather than reading about it, Thank You for this amazing learning experience of God’s Word, The Holy Bible, I want to learn more, Please make more Series of people in The Bible, cause I love it, love it, love it it’s what I look forward to all day. A devoted veiwerof The Bible stories, Rose

    • Dear Rose, thank you for being a viewer of the Universal Living Faith Channel. Thank you for sharing your experience and comment.

  • This is my 5th time seeing Moses & The Promised Land. I enjoy them so much!!

  • The first time I watched the Ten Commandment I missed a lot I saw when Moses / closed the sea till the end. Then I was excited to see Joshua take over, but I hate his wife died and Elisheba Aaron’s wife also. Very good drama, crying etc. The queens mother should have gotten caught earlier. Thanks keep up the good work. How about a Daniel series?

  • I truly enjoyed Moses and the Ten Commandments. I hope and pray that you put it on DVD so I can watch it over and over again.

  • Excellent series’ never enjoyed any show as much as this one sad when it ended but I am glad you are showing the promise land journey..thank you feel like I was there actors were excellent… Will watch it again if you air it. Moses character was superior in the part.. I learned so much about God and the old testament people.. thank you.. all

  • Please let us know when you will air Moses and the 10 Commandments again. It is so inspiring to lead us who believe to search and learn more about Bible and Old Testament history. Well made series.

  • Please let me know when Moses and the ten commandments series Aires again. Really enjoyed watching it

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